Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!!

Of course, the coffee is always on, but I was thinking one day while having an actual friend over to my house for actual coffee... and okay, yes... there were donuts also present...  but I wasn't actually in the mood for donuts that day (I know, shocking!)

What was I in the mood for?
hash browns.
MacDonald's hash browns.

My friend said, "oh well your body must want salt for some reason then today."

Gimme all the salty things!!

Which is rather strange, because I am the kind of gal who could just as easily dispense from this machine ....

Yes - I do actually own this!
...  as I do my Keurig coffee maker.

I find as a grow older, my sweet tooth is changing.  I don't seem to desire cakes, cookies, pies, etc as much as I used to.  I'd rather fill up on a good dinner .... and yes, good wine.

Yet there are times when certain things just CALL OUT TO ME!!

Funny that it seems to happen roughly around every 28 - 32 days.

So I guess for myself, the decision regarding Salty or Sweet, seems to depend a great deal on the mood I am in.    Or, how well they can actually be combined together.    That's the real secret!

And whether I am in need of self medication for other people's protection because... OMG, the hormones spinning inside me!!

Decisions are soooo hard y'all!!
I think it's best to go with my friends advice:  Your body must need it!

If you want the science behind it all those cravings, it actually turns out this advice is true!  (Click for info)

If you were over for coffee, what snack should I provide for you:  Salty or Sweet?

NEXT WEEK:    You know I LOVE words.  So much I wrangle them daily or else I go crazy.  What's the most beautiful word in the world?

Time out for Mom

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