Good morning and Welcome to Coffee Chat!!

Today is a very special day because a certain Little Who named ZooZoo turns 5 today!!

Happy Birthday ZooZoo!   
You are my beautiful, precious, fun loving, silly, mushie and squishy, giggly little ball of SpitFire!

And I am not just saying that because you also have a crush on Captain America.
You're my little growing miracle and everything your name means:  LIFE.

So, you can't tell very well from the collage, but the one pic in the bottom right where ZooZoo is waving, she is wearing her Ninja  Costume.

Yes, her Ninja costume is all black, but with purple pears, heart hair barrette, and of course her pink Dora Backpack for all her "ninja gear."    Because of course.

Her party on the weekend featured an Elsa costume from the movie Frozen.    And yes, I am the idiot mother - with a raging cold - who didn't get THAT picture.

It's basically this:
She has plans to also wear it trick or treating this Friday, so mama gets a second chance.  Honestly, I get tons of chances because my two girls LIVE TO DRESS UP.    Like, daily.

Which brings me to this week's prompt:   ZooZoo would like you all to know, you are formally invited to her Halloween Masquerade Ball!!! 
So, what are you going to wear?  

Time out for Mom

Mine costume is pretty easy and straight-forward.
Here are your hints:
  •  black catsuit
  • thigh holster and gun
  • handcuffs
  • knee high combat boots
  • red wig 
All together then:

Now, of course that is NOT me.
However, knowing what a fangirl I am, it should be fairly easy to figure out who I will be.

Black Widow from Marvel's Avengers!

I know you all might think it's all about the importance of Steve Rogers/Captain America, but I am definitely a big supporter of female super power too!!   (Give us a Black Widow movie Whedon!)

And Black Widow has super deadly moves!

Yeah, um - I won't be trying that.
I really just want a bag full of Starburst Jelly beans and those mini chocolates.
Because I haven't eaten any sweets in like 2 months so I could fit into the catsuit.

I'm really just very hungry.   That's it.

So, anyone feel like dressing up as Agent Peggy Carter??

Well, what will you be wearing?

Bonus music!!

Next week: Tuesday, November 4/14 -   Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?

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