It's supposed to be WW post today.
And then something to Ponder or Photograph on Thursday.
And finding some missing statements on Friday.

And I'm all like....

 Truth is:  I have spent most of today sick in bed and ... This. Is. Me. 

I have 50 email notifications of blogs that I follow: waiting to be read.
Not to mention all the comments to return.   And the memes I already did this week to visit.

So, instead of making my own words, instead I'm going to take the time to go read your words.  
Because honestly, that's pretty much my favourite thing about blogging - and I hate to be rushed.

Instead of rushing through each comment, each post that you no doubt worked so hard to get down on the page and share: just for the sake of "catching up:" I am going to drink my hot lemon and honey tea and really hear your words. 

Thus, a little bit of a blog break - not long; just enough to get my bearings, get well, and hopefully return very soon inspired and with some new found and much needed creativity.

For now, here's a little poem I wrote in the aftermath of last weeks' tragic events in Ottawa:

where does the light come from?
shadowed, unseeing and
with a trace of sadness
while the world changed
and I reached into the wind
so tiny - watchful
till the twilight vanished
and the demon did flee
with the sun on his face
splintering against this shadow
scared and fading slowly
while the crowd watched
and children brought flowers
strangely entranced around the grave
upon which they danced until
the wind turned mournful
and all was quiet
in this darkening defiance
the insanity no more
just a lingering sense of danger
whirling in the late light.

And since this has just been such a random post - which I will no doubt later blame on copious amounts of cough medicine - here's a few images of Captain America from the big Marvel Event Reveal that happened while I too busy being sick and missed it.    For those of you who are interested in that sort of thing and know how important Steve Rogers is to me.

Because not only does it seem Captain America can easily wield an axe (hello lumberjack!)

but the sneak peek trailer shown after Agents of Shield on Tuesday night also revealed.... he must just be able to lift a hammer too....

that hammer definitely moved!!

I don't know about you, but Thor definitely looked a little worried for a moment.

Like I said, Steve Roger is very important, and it will be a long wait for Avengers: Age of Ultron in May 2015.   Never mind that Marvel announced all it's films for the next 5 years at the event!!

I know, I fangirl.   Indulge me - I'm near death after all.  ;)
I promise, when it's all over by 2019:  I should be an actual grown up by then.

See you back here soon! 

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