Oh Monday, you're here. Already?

After spending the weekend battling a cold, while also having ZooZoos birthday party; it seems rather cruel that my reward is.... Monday.

Well, I've got cough medicine, tea, cozy pj's ..... and several shows waiting on my PVR.
Also, Netflix.

So.... what to watch?  what... to.... watch.....

Anyone else take so long trying to pick a movie on Netflix, that they no longer have time to watch a movie?   Just Me?
I'm gonna rename the damn thing  "Can't Decide."

Well, I guess I am typical female in that when I am feeling under the weather, I want a good romantic comedy to lift my spirits.   Anyone know if Say Anything is on Netflix?   I could definitely use some Lloyd Dobbler.

Now that takes me back....
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Over at Retired not Tired, we are taking a stroll down memory lane to our First Date.

The rule in my home was that I was not allowed to date until I reached 16 years of age.    I could go out with a group of friends; my mom surely knowing that I likely had a crush on some cute boy.

Well, she's not wrong.   Not really.   But not quite either.

At that point in my life, I was struggling to deal with divorce hitting my life for the second time.  I didn't have a lot of trust in men when I was a teenager.    Also, being so into sports, I was often torn between securing a date with that cute boy --- or beating him at a game of 21.

It was a difficult time.   Having not grown up with a father for any significant deal of time, men were pretty much a complete mystery me.    And teenage boys even more so.   It was probably very wise of my mom to set that dating rule.

Since we had moved, I did not go to the same high school as the friends I had grown up with.   It was a brand new start in Grade 9.    But I did okay at my new school.  Made lots of new friends in the various sports and clubs I participated in.   One of which was the Drama Club.   A kind hearted guidance counselor had recommended it to help ease my shyness and anxiety.

By Grade 10 I felt comfortable enough that I tried out for the school play.   I got the female lead part!!   I was so excited.    Then I realized ......  I had to kiss a boy.   A lot.   And up until then, I had not kissed a boy anything more that perhaps a quick peck.    So basically, I just met the boy who played the male lead... and within 20 minutes: Intense Snogging.   Awkward.

The play was a success though!   A big success!    The entire football team came out on the second night and took up the first couple of rows.    Wow!  We are good!     OR..... perhaps it was just our period dresses that had our young bosoms on display:

me... and the boy I snogged.  
Anyway, all this lead to my first date request.
From the captain/quarterback of the football team no less.   *high five ladies*

Smart, athletic, funny and handsome... and currently on a winning streak?   You know I said yes!

I only really remember flashes of the date.   I think we met after school to go eat somewhere.   I know we got along really well.    He was 2 years older than I - senior; but we talked really easily.    He walked me back home and yes; a nice sweet kiss at the door.    But.... then I did the no-no and invited him in because I didn't want the date to end yet.  It was very early - way before my curfew.

But my mom wasn't home.
So we just sat on the couch and started watching TV.   I remember there was a scary movie on, and yeah - typical excuse to snuggle into his strong quarterback arms!     And then of course.... that lead to another kiss.   And another.   some more......  and uh-oh!   I guess all that play practice kissing really paid off because it got hot in there FAST.     He was older and more experienced without a doubt -- but I guess I impressed him!   Ha.

So yes, there we were just like a scene out of silly teen movie and kinda making out on the couch.
And just when I thought, okay - you need to step back girl and calm the hell down!!   Right. Now.

He pulled away and said:  Do you wanna f*ck?

Um.... no.... thank you...?!
What the heck?    To say I was a bit taken aback is an understatement!   I mean.... the first date!!??   Who did he think I was?

Now, you might think this is a harsh memory to recall.   That it might upset me.   But you know what?  It doesn't at all.   It was probably the very best thing that could have happened to a young girl because it taught me very fast what my limits were.   About playing with fire.   That breaks should be applied BEFORE heading into the turn:  not while IN the turn.

I held my ground firmly and was proud of myself for doing so.    And you know, he was totally cool about it.   He didn't push, or get mad or even be awkward about it at all.   He just said,  okay - I just wanted to know where I stood.  It doesn't matter that you said no. 

You can't blame a guy for trying I guess -- I don't know.     But we had a couple more dates (he really was a great kisser!) and he was always a perfect gentlemen.   Eventually it fizzled out though, as he was obviously more experienced and looking for a relationship I wasn't willing to have at only 16 years of age.

Despite the momentary awkwardness, it was a good experience.   I learned a lot about myself, and I definitely learned a lot about men.  Or, at least teenage boys and kissing.

And since I have two daughters: I think that knowledge is well worth remembering!!


It's a Freebie Week over at XmasDolly - and these tunes definitely fit the mood!

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