Fall is so beautiful in Canada.

I mean, you've seen my pics lately right?

 Yep, gorgeous.   So much beautiful leaves.   On trees.

But, you know they don't stay there, right?
Nope.  They Fall.
Now, if you live in this stunning country farm setting like my aunt and uncle:  no worries!

If you live in suburban neighbourhood like me:

 That's a big carpet of beautiful fallen maple leafs.

Now some fallen maple leafs, I rather enjoy:

sorry - not sorry

But those ones in my backyard are WORK.
Anyone up for a raking party?

Feeling Beachie

This week’s co-host is Elizabeth from Silvers Reviews- she came up with all the statements.

The statements:

1.  What would be your perfect date night ?

You know I love the movies, so that is always a good date.   BUT - it's hockey season now and I would love to just go to a game with Left Brain and sit with a cold beer and cheer on our team! 
We also have a new football team in our area, The Ottawa Redblacks, and it would a real thrill to go see a game at the new stadium. 

2.  Certainly a dry sunny day will  be much easier to rake up all the fallen maple leafs than a cold, rainy one.

Oh yes, bring your wellies to the raking party!

3.  A real gentleman is worth more  than  his weight in gold.

This is important men.
I cannot stress this enough.
Here's your handy pocket guide:

4.  Joining a  Zumba class  makes me feel completely like an uncoordinated, but somehow still kinda sexy, giant dork. 
But I love it and can't get enough of the Zumba!

Awkward male intruder is me.

How I think I look:

How I really look:

If you think that's hilarious, you should see me dance when I rake leaves.

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