Do you ever sit and wonder how any beauty in this world can survive - flourish even; when there is so much ugliness? 

 It's been a sad week for us, as we remember and wonder why an Ottawa Police Officer decided to take his own life -- right in his office at the station with his own gun.   While on the phone with his wife.    Who was home with their 3 children.

Just. Why?

Then last night, on our very own street, a man and his wife got into a very loud domestic dispute.   When she left the house to take a walk, the man followed her out of the house, got into his truck... and ran her down in the street.

Our. Safe. Street

Today, I am having trouble finding the beauty that is all around us.

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

1.  During  rain storms, I like to sit by a window and watch the rain come down. 
Okay, I am lying in bed and the windows are open and it's beating a staccato on the roof.
Whatever... I love the rainy nights.

2.  While I like pizza, I wouldn’t want to eat it... like EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY NIGHT.  

I mean can you imagine?

also, Pokemon shows.
Kids just don't know how to TGIF.

3.  Reading while soaking in the tub, is a risky endeavour.   I either stay too long and end up looking like a prune in a now cold bath; because... STORY!!!

or I drop the book.  Which could be this:

But even more dangerous, because of where some of my books are,  would be this:

Did you just shudder?
Cause I am all a-shudder.

4.  Why would anyone want to take away anothers' Human Rights?   

 The cruelty of some people on a fellow human being, I just don't understand.
If I catch you playing the "knockout game"... well, you just DO NOT want me to catch you doing such disgusting cruelty.

As for finding beauty, there is one amazing thing that I have learned this week.
Having a soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur .... to curl up beside you on a sad day?

Well, that's just a bundle of LOVE in a furry package right there.

Right Lucy?
Wait?!  Who is the one trapped here? 

Plzzz... I's have pizza too?

Purr. Purr. Purr.

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