I am new to the cat world.
But I am beginning to get educated pretty fast, and I admit it:  I'm a little afraid.

Because this look:

 I live in fear y'all.  Or at least my toes do.
Because THAT look, means nothing good.   or Pain Free.

Now, that's not our Cashew.
No, MY cat has loftier aspirations.
Cashews launching post

and is much more of a ninja stealth kitty:

this one drew blood from my ankle
Lucy dear, please explain this behaviour to me!
Is it that our feet scare you?  Smell too bad?   Why the hate for toes?

Don't get me wrong, of course we love our cute and cuddly Cashew ---- when he's actually being cute and cuddly.

But most of the time I am avoiding his sudden pounce from beneath the bed or behind a door,  or his figure eight walking skills between my feet on the stairs, or lifting him down from dining room table.     All while avoiding those kitty claws.''

It's the Age of Fear guys.

Feeling Beachie

This week’s co-host is OBI from ELOQUENT RAMBLES- she came up with all the statements

The statements:

1.  Tomorrow I am having a party with six 5 year olds!!      Happy Birthday ZooZoo!

Yeah Me.  Send wine.
Also balloons.  because I forgot those.
Maybe candles too.
Excuse me; I'm not at my best.

2. Does anyone live in fear of robots gaining super Intelligence and deciding that humanity is the greatest threat to this world, so humans must be destroyed - because; if so,  you might be as thrilled about this as I am.

In glorious HD!   (because a crappy version leaked, so Marvel went FULL ON.)
Captain America got a new suit!
Iron Man in the Hulkbuster Suit!
Bare Chested Thor!!
Black Widow on a bike in the what looks like the greatest stunt ever.
James Spader's voice as Ultron gives me chills on top of my goosebumps!
Who the hell are you Andy Serkis?!! 

Captain America's shield is broken!!!!   *Quiet sobbing*

Just. Breathe.
I'm going to sleep for 6 months.    This movie will be HUGE.   34 million viewers in 24 hours cannot be wrong.
Wake me up in April 2015.

3. People sometimes make me want to just go into a little ball of confused hurt and disgust
and hibernate.   But for completely different reasons than the above aforementioned.

If your cause has you hell bent on killing people; I think perhaps you need to question the merit of
your cause.  Murder should not be on the agenda.

Stay Safe, Strong Ottawa!

4. It is okay to be sad and wonder about that state of our world.  Shit, Shit things happen all the time.  People are shitty to one another all the time.

Just don't unpack a bag and stay there.
Be angry.
Be sad.

But ultimately, there are still good people fighting the good fight.
There are helpers everywhere; look for them.
There is beauty!

And we still live in one of the best countries in the world!!

Finally, despite what Mr Stark might have told you.... there is always more vibranium.
Your shield will not be broken forever.

Okay, I realise that last part might only make sense to Marvel Comic readers, but I still stand by that truth nugget.

Trust in your shield.
Choose it wisely.

Bonus:  If you watched the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron trailer I included above, and were thinking the song playing and the dialogue about "strings" sounded familiar:  it's because it should:

That's what happens when Disney buys your movie company:  you get free songs.

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