I've been trying to get out and about more with my camera.
You know, before it's so cold again that my fingers freeze to the trigger button.

One of the things I love about my little town is the amount of Green Spaces.   It's just so wildly beautiful in it's variety of farmland, river scenes and beaches, forests, and private gardens.

There are 3 different Nature Reserves and one hiking trail all within 5 minutes of my home, and we love to explore them all.    So on a recent PA Day that Left Brain happened to also be off work, we all set out to our favourite Spot:  Gillies Grove Nature Reserve.

This particular one is small enough that ZooZoo can run several of the trails, and not be too tired to walk back to the car.   And it takes your through forest, field and eventually down to the Ottawa River.

So off I go again.... Camera in hand.

wild grapes grow on fencing
these trees look like art to me

especially with the right filter applied
down the path to the water
yes, that is a sandy beach in Canada
Peek - A - ZooZoo
the giant boulder near the fence - a good place to sit and rest
 Have you been out and about lately?

Curious as a Cathy

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