Alright me hearties, are ya ready to shiver me timbers ...

... sorry.
I must still be stuck in Talk Like a Pirate Day!

This is your host, Rory - or Les to those in the know,

Well, yes, I am the Captain of this weekly, Chat.

It is normally coffee I serve, but I won't look sideways at anyone who samples a bit o' rum in their morning java, savvy?

Our first topic of this new season (Tuesday, Sept. 30th) will be Collections.  

As in, tell me about something interesting that you collect.    Whether it be stamps, rare books,  lucky spoons, or Marvel Superheroes in a vault named "Chris."
Thor (Hemsworth), Captain America (Evans), Starlord (Pratt)

On a side note, I really think we should give All The Awards to whoever is responsible for Marvel Casting.     Also, Wardrobe.

Maybe you don't specifically "collect" a lot of something, but you happen to like antique earrings, or something.


Show. Me. The. Things.

See ya Tuesday Mateys!

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