Good morning and Welcome to the first Coffee Chat after our summer break!

I debated about re-instating the Chat again this time, but as it is often the blog post that I try to be the most reflective, intelligent and thought provoking; it's kind of hard to give up.

Not that you should necessarily expect any of that articulate nonsense today.
Sometimes; I'm just me.

Thus, for now, I will continue to do the weekly Coffee Chat, with the linky included.    Feel free to participate either in the comments, or by linking up your own post.    The prompts can always be found on the Sneak Peak Page.  
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Time out for Mom

Tuesday, September 30th/14

Collections.  Do you collect any special items, or hoard all the pretty things?  Show your work. - See more at:

This week I wanted to talk about COLLECTIONS.
Specifically, is there anything special that you collect?    
Baseball cards?  Stamps?  Silver spoons?   People?   

Or, perhaps you just have a special linking for interesting fridge magnets, so you buy them whenever you see one.

Or maybe, you love antique jewellery, so that is what you tend to buy and wear. 

Aside from  my rather large GIF file on my laptop computer.....

totally posting for a friend!  wicked right?
 ...  I don't specifically collect anything.  
I don't typically like my house to be cluttered with stuff.   And since my house is also home to kids - who are THE BEST COLLECTORS OF JUNK EVER (like seriously, why does Angel Girl have a plastic container full of dandelion fluff?   Oh sorry... it's Fairies!!)  - I don't actually have any more room for any stuff I actually like.

However, a recent inquiry from a friend, made me realize that there is something I have a definite affinity for:
"Why do you always wear that necklace?"
It's true.  I LOVE interesting necklaces.    When I find one I like, I will wear it, 24/7/365, until it either breaks: or, I find a new interesting necklaces.

It has had many forms over the years.   Beads.  Cross.  Cross.  Shark Tooth.  Ivory Treble Clef
They are rarely expensive -- most of them are worn on rope or string: not any kind of precious metal.   I often find them at little craft fairs, stores, or even street vendors.   I suppose it's the uniqueness of the piece that captures my eye.

That, and they must have some kind of meaning to me.
For example, I wore a Chinese Taurus symbol pendant for years.     Since I am a Taurus, and having Asian inspired tattoos was all the rage.

I went with the less permanent option.   (and there is that ever present worry that your symbol doesn't mean what you thought is meant:  just ask Britney Spears.

My current fave is a Jade carving of a Hawaiian Fish Hook.    It is green and basically looks like a circular wave that ends in a hook.  

JADE is symbolic of energy and beauty:  'stimulates creativity and mental agility on the one hand, while also having a balancing and harmonising effect.'

Another meaning of jade is gentleness and nourishment, because jade is a stone that protects and supports loving heart energy.   It has a very soothing purity about it, which if you read my 4 Fill In Post on Friday about all my current restlessness and brain noise:  is very necessary for me these days.

The meaning behind the Hawaiian fish hook necklace is rooted in the the deep connection and reverence the Hawaiians had for the ocean.   Known in Hawaiian as the makau, the fish hook pendant stands for everything that is good and promises its wearer prosperity, strength and good luck.

And.... I just rather like the look of it too.
But anything that brings me harmony and balance? 
I don't mind putting that in my house -- or having it with me all the time.

Is there anything special that you collect?

Next Week:   If you could be immortal for just one day; what would you do?

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