Tuesday, October 7th/14 
If you could be immortal for one day; what would you do? 

Okay, so I think it's no secret around here, that I love me some Super Heroes.
And why not, right?

Spangly snug outfits aside, they are Fearless - or, at least Courage in the face of Fear.

They are generally invincible.    No matter how many times you think Marvel Comic has killed off your favourite Captain the bad guy has got the best of them; they always survive to fight another day.

While most of them are not specifically immortal, they are certainly basically indestructible.

Then there are the ones that are immortal, and I definitely follow that fandom too.
Who didn't get chills at THIS moment!!?

Or one of my faves:

Lestat was quite the character.   I enjoyed the books ever so much more than the movie to be honest.   It was his and Louis philosophical debates that really intrigued me though.   Essentially, a vampire is a creature who has had his Free Will taken from him.    Their immortality is thrust upon them.
Teen angst novels aside.

But, um no.... I am not interested in becoming one of the Undead.
Although - yes, red glowing eyes is a pretty cool look.

Even the chances of meeting this guy is not enough to make me turn:

Wait.  Already met him.   Bucket List check.

I think the important question that needs to be answered, is; are you gaining more, or losing more from becoming immortal?

On the surface, it might seem like you are gaining the biggest gift:  TIME.
Imagine all the things you could do.... all the things that you could never fit into one lifetime.

I'd be doing all the things that scare me right now:   sky-diving, bungee jumping, cliff climbing, swim with sharks, or walking alone on a beautiful evening.
Imagine the freedom.    It would be incredible to never have to worry about dying.

The Flip Side?
You live.   Forever.
And those you love?   Do. Not.

Aurora Taking Leave of Tithonus.jpg
"Aurora Taking Leave of Tithonus" by Francesco Solimena - Getty Center. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn, renews herself every morning with her flight across thy sky bringing forth the sun.   Greek mythology tells of her love for the mortal Prince Of Troy, Tithonus, who she wanted to be with for eternity.    Jupiter granted her request of the gift of immortality for Tithonus, but she failed to also ask for Eternal Youth.   Thus, her lover essentially became Forever Old.

Be careful what you wish for.

In truth, if I was immortal for a day, I would use that power to do something miraculous.   Which means I am flying straight into danger, just like Steve Rogers would do, and bringing freedom to someone, somewhere.    Captives are going to be set free!!!      Bullies Beware!

You were expecting the beefy version of Steve Rogers?
No see that's the thing about real heroes.   Captain America had all the necessary qualities of a hero and a good man, before he received the Super Solider serum that essentially made him like an immortal.   He was always in the fight; before he was able to fight.

The truly sad part is that 24 hours would never be enough time to save everyone in this world who is currently held in some form of bondage.     Time it seems remains our greatest gift --- and our worse enemy.

I fear when it comes to the things that really matter.   The things we really should be fighting for: it's not often on our side.

Next WeekSalty or Sweet?  And I would not mind at all if you included a recipe.

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