Happy to be back Pondering this Thursday with Brenda at BYG Adventures!

 I am in rather a hurry today because I am heading over to a girlfriends house to catch up on all the latest that has been happening since the kids have returned to school.

Irony?   What's the "hot topic" in my area today?
How darn cold it is alreayd!!    So, since it is rather chilly day in Canada today,  she has let me know that there will be fresh cookies!

I do hope they are still hot right out of the oven!
Because that goes perfectly with what else is likely to be waiting for me.

hot coffee Yes Please!
that reminds me of a "steamy" text exchange with Left Brain the other day!!

hot texting!

  And since it is a chilly day, we might even sit by one of these to keep the chill away.

Fire is so cool cool  isn't it?   I mean, how?
It's almost magical how that kind of hot happens.

Science guys!
It's just so cool that you can snap your fingers, and get your own "hot."

If only we could, right? 

Johnny Storm is Hot!
OMG guys, like, science is so hot.
And magical.

 photo image13_zps64a48e1e.png

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