I am getting to my Pondering post a little late today.

I just couldn't think at all today... if only I had a....


 Well, when Dorothy met the Scarecrow at the Crossroads -- she helped him get down off that pole.    Which was rather like a cross he had to bear.

But back to thinking....
Nope. wait - that's not the prompt today.   
You had it girl - get it together...

.... just go down the To Do List and start crossing things off.

 Kriss Cross.  It's simple.

wait.... what? 
Did you say Chris-Crossed??!!

Hemsworth (Thor), Pine (Capt Kirk), Evans (Captain America), Pratt (Starlord)
Oh, I know my Chrises ... no crisis there.  Trust.

 Oye, I'm so scatterbrained today.   All my wires seems crossed.
 Show me the light!!

Oh, great - thanks.

Maybe I am just hungry - it's been a busy day and I've now realized at 3 pm that I didn't eat lunch.
My belly is very cross with me.    It craves sustenance.

 Okay, so granted.... wrong season for hot cross buns.    I don't even have any!

However..... the kitty?

That I got.

Say Hello to Cashew!
So yes, that is the reason why I am feeling a little scattered, kriss-crossed, and maybe even at a crossroads.  
Monkey Boy swears he will take very good care of his birthday present.... and I think he probably will.   But there sure is a LOT to cross of the Go To The Vet and Pet Store To Do List when you get a pet.

Oh, and Kitty Farts?
Y'all could have warned me you know.


Consider me Cross-Eyed from these silent stink bombs. 

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