I gots the sads.

We woke up to cooler temperatures again today... and this time it stayed that way all day.
I actually had to close the windows because it got too cool in the house.
No A/C was used today.

I looked to my garden for some joy and tranquility.
The Marguerite daisies and Seedum are blooming.

They are Fall flowers.


I was so hoping for one more beach day.
Instead, I drove around the past two days looking for photographic inspiration.

Found some!

corn stalk

Feeling Beachie

This week’s co-host is Obi from Eloquent Obi – she came up with all the statements

The statements:

1.  The beach is just a faded memory now until next summer.  We've already moved into cooler fall weather, and I am guessing a dip now would give a whole new meaning to "refreshing."

I already did one ice challenge this year, and that was for a good cause.
I ain't crazy.  (jury's out)

2. Smartphones are amazing technology and fun...  AND just like anything else in life: should be used in moderation.  You control the phone: it should not control you.

You may be doing too much....
 However, aside from blatant rudeness, I do think we have to extend a little bit of forgiveness towards those we feel are on their phones too much.  This is now the world we have created -- everything at your fingertips, you: always available to be reached.    It's not likely to go back, so let's just try to remain kind to one other.  m'kay?

3. I like to drive around my town and the surrounding areas (when I have a car), and look for interesting photo ops.

I have concluded there is a lot of water, and barns/cows near me. 

4. My dream  house would be  a log cabin nestled in the woods and on a crystal clear lake.   A mountain view would be nice too.

The awwwww lovely version.

 And let's face it:  The Canadian version.


But don't worry people!!
In my dream, both still have Wifi. 

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