I'm a little late to the party this week.

Sorry - but I was having a party. Or rather my newly 10 year old son was having a party.    A sleepover birthday party.    With 4 of his friends.

Have you done this crazy as a parent yet?
The Sleepover.


Good lawd.    5 boys aged 9 to 11.   ALL NIGHT.
The unbelievable energy???!!  How?!
It's like the 5th dimension. 
Even with pizza, pop, ice cream cake and chips - I still expected them to come down from their high around 10 pm.

Left Brain and I started a movie at almost 11 pm.
I think that sums it up right there.

Although, they were all quietly reading comics in their beds in the basement at that point.
We just didn't know that they had actually all finally fallen asleep with the faces in various comic books. 

Because, movie.

Snow White and The Huntsmen - thank goodness he was there  because "meh"

Anyway, we checked at midnight and they were comatose (thanks sugar), but I am the type that has to FINISH watching a movie, so I was up until past 1 am.     Of course, they were all up by 7 am.

Only home-made waffles, bacon and fruit salad and a bottomless bucket of coffee would save the day.

I swear, we are nuts.

Speaking of nuts.....  I absolutely had to get here this week because someone wanted to say Hi to sweet Lucy!!
(sorry for the quality: all shot with my iPhone will trying to also catch said kitty)

Hi Lucy!!!  I'm Cashew :) 

Yeah - I'm a little nuts

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

1. I fart  when I get into bed.

2. Mangoes are my absolute favourite fruit.   And they are especially good with strawberries, peaches and vanilla frozen yogurt in a blender.

coconut rum optional.
but highly recommended.

3.   Beach days and BBQs  are/is my favorite part of summer

4.  Writing, music, wine, bath - not necessarily in that order; but certainly all at once for maximum benefit,  helps me relax.

Catch y'all later nutters!  
I'm going in.

Chandler Bing and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

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