My kids are usually quite shocked to discover that I had a life before them.

Particularly one where mommy was much thinner and her belly wasn't squishy, and she didn't wander from the room mumbling and muttering things like "don't you shake your head at me child when I am talking to you.  I'll shake your head child you want it to shake.  I'll roll them eyes...tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.  I KNOW what I'm talking about... and let me tell you..."

Or that mommy used to have lots of friends and do things like, Leave The House!
Or play sports.
And dance to music.
Or dress nice.

You know; the basics.

Seriously kids, once upon a time, mommy had a BIG  life.

And most importantly:  big, curly hair for to go with it! 

high school graduation 1990 (I may have teased it with a comb here.  Oh yes I did)

I rather miss that dress!

1st Year University (note the big empty mug)

2nd Year University
Note that now that I am all like mature 20 year old, I am drinking out of champagne flute, instead of the big beer mug. 

Even though clearly I have not gotten dressed to go out yet.

But the hair!
The hair was always looking good.


It's okay kids, sometimes mommy has to remind herself that she was young once.   That I had lots of fun before wife and mommy role took over.   That I have actually done a lot of living in my life, made some incredible memories, and has more than a few good stories to tell in the nursing home one day.   

Just make sure someone comes to do my hair.
Travel over to see Janice!

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