I hope that I have been showing some fairly decent photography on this little space.
I truly do appreciate all your kind comments and feedback.

Photography is so very, very new... and completely unexpected for me.   It's not a hobby I thought I would ever enjoy.  Or even a talent I thought I might possess.

And trust me:  for every great photo you think is presented here --- there are a hundred that are a huge FAIL.

Such as this photo:
accidentally shot in monochrome setting, and blurred -- when the prompt this week is "texture"
It's not a really bad shot I suppose; but, it sure doesn't illustrate the prompt.

More than half the time, I still forget to grab my camera when we are on our way out the door.    I know full well some of the potentially fantastic shots I have missed.   Memories not captured.   I have my iPhone of course, but the camera still is not the most fantastic.  Most of those photos remain private.

But I am beginning to see now: Practice, Practice, Practice - is absolutely necessary.    And the beauty of today's DSLRs?

If you FAIL - you can just delete it right from the camera roll.  No fuss.   No wasted film.

So?  DO!
There is no try!

Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that Alison of Writing, Wishing and I (Greta of GFunkified) are doing this year.


I really love this one because SO MANY TEXTURES!


I love prompts like this because they really make you stop and take a good long look at your surroundings.
You have to get out and spy things with your little camera eye.

Except in my case, I had to look around the house because people tend to frown at you when you go out and leave your children home alone.

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Next week’s prompt is GOLDEN.

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