Ever had one of those Calgon Take Me Away days?

There is nothing that eases my mind and body at the end of the day, like a good, hot soak.

I present:  The Dream Bath


Lovely isn't it.

Hubby has returned home on the late shift on more than few occasions to discover this:

Pretty Woman is literally me.

Oh wait.... I mentioned that this was The Dream.
My hot tub reality is a little different.

 A little poem that came to me when I was trying to let Calgon take me away...

The Truth About Bubble Baths

steamy hot and scented
with bubbles to your chin
grab a good and smutty book
and slide yourself on in
watch candle light flickering
on the cold tile walls
lean your head way back
ignore those “Mommy!” calls
Let all the heat soak in
let all the troubles melt away
lose yourself in another world
escape the pressures of today
but, there’s knocking on the door
and running down the halls
someones’ telling on someone
now who’s climbing the walls?
As soon as mommy is busy
it’s true, it never fails
through book and bubble may beckon
they’ll not drown out childrens’ wails.

And if I make bubbles, more often than not: my tub gets hijacked.

And especially if I find a tub big enough to actually cover my whole body in hot suds.

Rub a Dub Dub - 3 In A Tub

Mama has since learned to wait for the minions to go to bed when she wants her tub time.

I suspect the hubby on reading this will have completely different thoughts.


I bet you thought that was going in a completely different direction.

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