It's time to Ponder with our host Brenda at BYG Adventures again.

This week's prompt is Stand.

Oh my, there are so many things that come to mind when I think of the word "Stand."
Why, I could probably stand on my head and recount them all!

 But I won't... because... well,  boobs that have breastfed 3 children don't really like that.
They don't really Stand At Attention anymore, if you know what I mean.

But this is the very thing that came to mind:
Stand By Me -- great movie from my youth

 More recently, this:
Arrested Development -  oh my gosh, I miss this show!

Despite being born and raised in the era of Feminism, and when women were free to explore the sexuality, (and guys supposedly not caring what your "number" was - really?  I don't buy it);  I never was one to indulge in One Night Stands.

I'd rather have this kind of stand:
my kids are begging to do this

Or listen to some great stand up comedians.  Especially now that we know those smiles and laughs might actually be hiding some secret pain. (RIP Robin Williams)
Louis C.K rocks

some comedians have even been known to Take A Stand:

But I am very, very careful to avoid any kind of Stand Off   -- well, unless it is as funny as this one.
Jeremy Renner helps too.

Most of all, just remember:  If you don't take as stand - you'll fall for anything.

What do you Stand For?

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