Once I had a love and it was a gas 
Soon turned out had a heart of glass 
Seemed like the real thing, 
only to find Mucho mistrust, love's gone behind 

I started today's Pondering Post about GLASS, by doing a simple Google Search, and the top returns were:

texture, sheet, window, water/etc., broken, beach glass, sunglasses, Google Glass
mirror (reflection)
Looking Glass
 Glass Beach Fort Bragg 2.jpg
"Glass Beach Fort Bragg 2" by Jef Poskanzer - originally posted to Flickr as Glass Beach / wave. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

One particular thing stood out for me -- Beach Glass.   In part due to the image above; but largely because it reminded me of a scene from one of my favourite romantic movies:

During this beach scene in the movie Sweet Home Alabama, a flash of lightning hits the sand - thus creating this beautiful glass structure which is known as "Sand Glass;"
 "that's what happens when lightning strikes sand."
Now, there is a bit of Hollywood movie magic here, because the beautiful structure created in the movie, is not exactly like the actual formation, known as Fulgurite.  An actual glass blowing company created that lovely sculpture in the movie.    But.. you know, still great movie, you just have to suspend disbelief slightly.

It so seemed like the real thing.

However, there is some beautiful glass to be found on the beach that is very much real.
Sea Glass

"Beach-glass" by JSpiess - JSpiess - photography shot in Eastern PA. Licensed under CC0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Otherwise known more commonly as "Mermaid Tears."

Do you know the story behind it?

It starts out on a dark and stormy night, as all great stories do, when a schooner traveling upon the seas encounters a storm.   A mermaid happened to be following alongside the schooner; having fallen in love with it's handsome Captain.    She was very worried about the safety of the Captain (and his men), and knew she within in her the power to calm nature, and save the Schooner.

However, she also knew she was forbidden to do this by the very stern Sea God, Neptune.   The punishment would be severe were she caught interfering in human affairs.   Despite this, she choose to save her love, and stilled the waters and calmed the sea.   The schooner made is safely out of the storm.

This impetus act, once discovered by Neptune, resulted in her banishment to the very deepest part of the ocean.  Never again to be near, or see her beloved Sea Captain again.    So there she would often sit - alone in the middle of the ocean, crying for her lost loved, while the waves carried her tears ashore on beaches all over the world.   

Once I had a love and it was a gas 
Soon turned out had a heart of glass
As I was reading the legend of Mermaid Tears, it was rather like looking in a mirror to something else my girls were currently watching:

Ariel - The Little Mermaid - saving Prince Eric

Hollywood is a pretty darn good Looking Glass, isn't it?
But again, it only seems like the real thing.
You cannot trust such romantic fable, though it may make for a few hours of enjoyable entertainment, and one spent box of tissues.    (but I do LOVE this movie.)

Ultimately though, it may leave to a heart of glass; easily shattered.
And you - left behind.

Such a curious thing: that something that beats so strong, so fierce, and so true; could ultimately be so fragile.   That the very thing that could bring such incredible joy; could also cut so deep.
Movie glass is made of a sugar mixture; it looks strong .. but your favourite action star can easily bust through it without injury.

Cap Smash!  Captain America doesn't like windows

A cracked mirror gives a poor reflection.   But us hopeful humans; we are soon up and ready to try again.  Our hearts bearing scars of battles fought and lost; but not ready to retreat just yet.

Because, when it is whole.  Intact.   That true reflection pulls us out of ourselves, we see with fresh eyes; and the whole world seems new.   Though we may have wandered beaches of time, the hope of finding that one grain of sand - created just for us;  makes it all worth while.  And something beautiful can be found.
and that's what can happen, when lightning hits the sand.

No illusion.
Just something you can hold on to; forever.

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