Technology is fantastic, is it not?

I am guessing that if smoke starts coming out of your laptop power cord; technology is in fact NOT a fantastic thing.
And since I am at 35% power as I type this Emergency Broadcast Post, I am guessing I am on a forced blogging hiatus.

It may take 2 weeks for a new power cord to be shipped. 
I seriously just breathed into a paper bag.

Hard to believe only 10 minutes prior, I had made a tea and started a movie, when the smoking began.  From the power cord that is.  Unless, Captain America really is THAT smoking hot.

Now, I realize I really do spend a lot of time on my computer... but this is why:

Kindle App - so I can read all the books I will be reviewing this year.   This is also includes books I have borrowed from our library too.   
Canon Photography Apps - so I can download and edit all the photos - which are also stored on the hard drive.   ALL  of them.

Email - so I can read your blogs, reply to comments, answer a hundred questions, and forward various chain mail from family and friends.  ( not really)  I get well over 300 emails PER DAY.
News Feed - so I know what is going on in the outside world -- since I am SAHM
Tumblr -- because it's just damn entertaining and if I have to explain, you will probably never get it
Movies and Music:  for the rare times I just get to chill
Blogging/Writing:  of course this is the majority of my time and what I truly love

What is NOT on my laptop:  Games.   As in ANY.
When I am on the computer, it usually always serves my creative process in some way.   Whether I am reading other blogs, researching a topic, active writing/poetry, or photography:  I don't consider any of this "a waste of time."    It all serves as either education or inspiration.

I was questioned the other day about how long I had been sitting at my laptop.  What WAS I doing?
Well, I had answered some urgent emails regarding my Sunday School class schedule.  RSVP'd to a birthday invite.   Deleted a ton of junk mail.   Replied to some blog comments, and left some blog comments.   Uploaded some photos and edited ones to be emailed to someone at their request.  And then the rest of the time, I was writing a poem.   Inspiration had struck and I was trying to capture it before it flew away.

But the assumption made?   Wasting. Time.  Because I was seated at a computer.

And yet, when I worked outside the home all day?   Also, on a computer all day.  Almost every single task, required the use of a computer.    So really, nothing much changed.   Except, the latter was acceptable because I got paid to be on the computer, and thus It Had Value.

Whereas, unpaid writing and photography; apparently does not have any value.
Seems the only change required: is with some attitudes.

I know, I'm a whiny little bitch right now.
PMS was already making me feel murderous.  I thought the $30 in candy, my herbal tea, and a good flick would ease the pains.

This is the 3rd time I have lost my laptop for various reasons this summer, and yes:  Hello Straw.
I had all this writing saved up to do some serious blogging this year, when the kids were finally back in school; and of course I saved it in a Word doc.
On my laptop.
*heavy sigh*

I'm cranky, and I'm sorry.
And I'm cranky because I have to feel sorry.
That I feel the need to justify what I like, and how I enjoy spending my time.    And that losing that creative outlet leaves a gaping hole in me. 

I'm sorry that literally stuck inside this house all day long; leaves mama a dull mind if she doesn't have something else to exercise her brain.  Because how could a mom want More? 
How do you explain that to non bloggers?   Non writers?   People satisfied with the non edited pictures on their cell phones?
To people who don't understand the beauty behind a well executed and timely placed gif?

I know - 2 weeks is not a long time.   I will survive.
In the grand scheme of things - it certainly is not a tragic event.
I am sure I can manage to wrestle the other 4 people, who also love their computer time to play Minecraft and peruse Facebook and YouTube, away from the main desktop computer for a few moments. 

But, I will miss the freedom my laptop gives me.   The carefully selected treasures stored within it.  And feel somewhat at a loss when I remember that amazing shot of the Queen Anne's Lace against the sunset and that it is trapped inside my camera.   Or the Part 5 to my Thoughts on a Train series that is just sitting there in Word limbo.   

It's not really about a faulty power cord and a dying laptop battery.   You know that, right?
 It's about us all having the freedom to do the things we enjoy.  That your thing is not wrong, or useless; and mine is not more right.    That we don't owe anyone else an explanation or justification for how we choose to spend our free time.   You know - as a grown up.

And not everything requires a monetary value attached to it.
Some things, can just be.

I just want to be.
And what does it say, that HERE is my most trusted space to be... Me?

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