There is nothing like a summer Fair.

It brings back such wonderful memories of my youth.

Arnprior Fair 2013 - View from Top of the Ferris Wheel

Unless, you discover, there is nothing at your town's summer Fair.

My mind recalls the scents and sounds of the Midway.    Hot dogs mingled with cotton candy and the sticky feeling of candied apple in your teeth for days, and the music blasting from rides that make you dizzy but you still jump on and Hang On .... and that sickly excitement of the world suddenly blurring and going topsy turvy and maybe that Bubble Gum Slush Puppy was a bad idea.....

... and now you have to jump on  your horse and go perform in the ring in front of hundreds of people.    Yeah, anxiety at 8 years old is such a wonderful thing.

But you do it, because Life is sometimes this odd mixture of both wonder and terror.  

But this year, there is no Midway.

There will be no Drop Zone or Ferris Wheel giving you that perfect view from on top of the world.
No spinning swings, or carousel, or monkeys or oh my god..... no Scrambler - my personal fave.
No chance to lose all your money popping balloons.
Or choosing the right yellow duck from the little pond.
Or Left Brain to hit the bulls eye at the shooting gallery; or bring the hammer down and make the bell ring at the Strength Test.    Also, no dirty looks as he walks away with the big prize.   (Seriously Carnie....did you not SEE his biceps?)

It makes me sad to see our small town fair reduced to this.    The Rides Entertainer pulled out at the last minute, so we are left with our $35 entry fee:  and probably nothing much to see after that.
This scares us and our Budget. 

Yet, we will go.
Because Life.   And memories.
Sometimes you just gotta let go of the terrors.....and go seek your wonder anyway.

Feeling Beachie

This week’s co-host is Pam from Trooppetrie.   She came up with the last two


The statements:

1.  The Fair is in town!

Despite what I may have already said, I am actual 12 year old and cannot help but feel a wee bit excited.

I seriously live for this stuff.

2.  I am much better at telling my kids to be patient than actually being patient myself.

But you know, honestly, if y'all would just hurry up, that would be great, and mama wouldn't have to lose her shit sometimes.  

3.  In the winter I will be shoveling snow and dreaming of summer  because that's what you do in Canada during the winter... because it's like 8 months long
and what the heck else would get your through that white hell?

4.  Growing up I ate fresh green beans right from my grandma's garden but as a adult I eat them right off the grocery shelf store.

But, I tell my kids NOT to do that.
Because I am good parent like that.

Do you go to summer Fairs?
What is your favourite thing to do there?

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