It's nice to be back home where you don't have to wear clothing to bed.

And by that I mean, wool socks and a toque.
It was this cold at night -  I swear it's true.

I used to think I would like to try winter camping.
Um, no.

Also, I tend to stay dry at home in bed.
Mostly.   ;)

So for the curious, here is how we set up our campsite to survive the fickle Canadian summer elements.

Warning:  Do not try our tarping methods if you are afraid of heights.   It also helps to be married to someone who is over 6 feet tall.    Especially if the centre of your tent is 7 feet tall.

Our sleeping tent, the kitchen tent....and one ZooZoo by the fire.
 As you can see above, the sleeping tent (yellow) is tarped very well using the ridgeline method.
We had 3 days of rain and stayed completely dry.   Not a drop of water in the tent.

The screened kitchen tent, and the tarped "kitchen" area.  (Angel Girl to the right at the outdoor picnic table.)
 In the above photo, you can also see a blue tarp (under the red beer cooler) that we had to pull over the screened eating tent; in case of rain.   So basically, in any other photo the "kitchen tent" is draped in blue.
yeah. that.

A close up of the kitchen:

pretty fancy, non?

a peek inside the sleeping quarters:  there are 2 cots side by side at the bottom of the photo, our queen air mattress in the middle, and then another army cot at the every end.
And the boy separated from sleeping near his sisters.

All in all, this takes near to 3 hours to set up if Left Brain does it himself.
Because men love to take directions from their wives while swatting hundreds of mosquitoes perched precariously with one foot on a step ladder and the other in the crook of a tree while holding 25 feet of rope. 

So normally I entertain the kids and do the small stuff like making up beds, while he does the big, manly stuff.
He had a helper this year with MonkeyBoy being almost 10, so it did go faster.

I know it sounds like a lot of effort, and quite honestly Left Brain and I would not likely go through so much trouble for only us --- but we have 3 children and let me tell you:  Comfort AND Function make for a successful, i.e. Happy, camping vacation.

It is completely worth the amount of time and effort to ensure that your camping site is properly set up.

I think we can almost consider ourselves camping pros at this point.
But given how much I hate sleeping in socks, not sure I am ready for that Alaskan camping adventure that I've always dreamed about.

Then again, it does only seem fitting that RoryBore ought to view the Aurora Borealis from a tent.

Curious as a Cathy

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