I'm slowly getting out from underneath the mountain of laundry and getting back into a normal schedule of blogging.
Trying to balance catching up on blog reading, with the call of the wild in my children's voices to be outside discovering.

But, this, is also my playground.

I hope it's a lot neater than their playground.
At least the inside one.

OYE.  Toys ARE US.
Yes, my dear host Brenda, I know of this "toy" thing you speak of.

But I'd rather not ponder on THAT mess above.

Especially when I am in fangirl rage mode because Marvel is TOYING with my emotions!!!

 No. No. No.

Thor is THOR.
Not a She-Thor.

Dear Marvel:  you already have many great wonderful, strong, female super heroes.   Develop THEM.    Lady Sif?   Hello? 
Don't mess with my Thor!


Also, given my fangirl tendencies, you already know some lovely images appear here from time to time.
But I do try to be very careful and not cross over into "cougar" territory.....  thus you will not likely see images like this often:

Sorry Zac.   You are definitely one gorgeous ..... um boy?
But under age 30 classifies you as "Boy Toy" for this mama...... so enjoy my younger readers:  you won't see him here again.

Oh and Left Brain?

For the record:  penguins were my favourite stuffed toys when I was little.

You certainly wouldn't find any.... say, on my bed now.

I'd like to think I have graduated to more adult toys now.

That didn't sound quite right either.

 photo image13_zps64a48e1e.png

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