Watching my kids rum a-muck makes me wonder why it's called the lazy days of summer.

Do they ever stop?
They are crazed little people these days.    Joy is overflowing and everyone within arm's length is getting drenched in it.

They are DIRT with NOISE on it.

But then I remember, I had just over 200 hundred acres to run about on my grandparents farm.
I am sure I fell exhausted into bed at the end of a long, hot summer day.

Also, haying.   Just saying.

But it sure is bringing back some lovely memories of my own summers of youth.

And made me go searching for some particular photos for Janice's Time Travel Photo meme.

First Ride!
in the buggy with grandpa at the reins
Doing it On My Own - Show Days
That was my horse Beauty.
I loved her so much.

She used to take off at full gallop for her stall .... in the middle of trail rides with me clinging to the horn for dear life.    Sometimes I even arrived back at the stall with her.  
It was awesome.

Basically, it seems horsing around runs deep in this family.

 Gathering Graces

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