Brenda's Pondering prompt today is Blanket.... so naturally the first thing that came to mind:

 Because of course, nothing else says "blanket of love" quite like Linus and his beloved.

My girls are Linus.

I can remember my late grandma sitting in her parlour with other women, sipping tea and chatting, as the toiled over the quilting loom.   What beautiful creations they made.   Their quilts were Art.
And, also love.

Grandma made me a doll quilt out of her scrap pieces:  I still have it to this day.
I couldn't ask for a better heirloom.

During our recent camping trip, temperatures plummeted below 10 degrees Celsius during the night.
That's "it's bloody frickin cold" in American.
Thankfully, I had plenty of extra blankets for everyone.

Also, Left Brain:  Hero.

 Our host mentioned horse blankets and not wanting to sleep under one of those.     But those of us who have spent the night in a chilly barn waiting for a mare to foal.  Or, in a horse trailer at the local country fair; know that in a pinch, AND if you are cold --- you won't be bothered by a little horse hair stink. 

A blanket is a cover.   Normally for warmth.     But, it also conceals.   You can hide under a blanket.
How many of us spent nights as children with a flashlight under the blankets reading Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High, or the latest Marvel comic?

I know the end of my days are normally spent searching for all my spare throw blankets, because when they are not being used for cover, warmth or concealment -- they are this:

Perfect hiding spot from your older brother.

Because you can't always hide in this kind of blanket:

foggy morning in our backyard

Personally, I rather think a blanket fort, built in the fog, that you can read in all day long; sounds like a perfect way to spend a day.

I will of course be stealing the boy's lovely, soft plush throw from his bed.

Like there was any doubt.
I already told you --- blankets are love.

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