I don't live in the town I grew up.
And that town, is not the town I was born in.

So, when I am homesick, I'm not really sure what place I am longing for.


Arnprior (my pic)
The 3 major cities of my life.
I think you can easily see a theme between them. 

They are all old cities in Ontario.
In fact, Kingston, was once the Capital of Canada.
They are alive with History and Culture and incredible Architecture.

The water runs clear and cool; and in the gentle roll of waves upon shore, I hear the distant call of "Home."
 I’m (XmadDolly) the Conductor on this Musical trip.  Co-Conductors are my buds Callie of JAmerican Spice, Stacy of Stacy Uncorkedholy cow 092Cathy of  Curious as a Cathy, Naila Moon of Just the Stuff You Know! Curious as a Cathy, and our Becca of Everyday Life co-conductor’s on our MUSIC LOVE TRAIN!  APPLAUSE!  NOW LET’S ROCK THIS PLACE & get this TRAIN rollin’!

This week's theme is  Tell us where you are from, and post your hometown bands, artists, or songs

 *I will use Kingston, Ontario as my musical muse -- because quite honestly:  some kick ass bands were born here!*

Probably the most famous; although we didn't know that when we booed them off the stage at my high school dance.
The Tragically Hip grew on us eventually.   Most of you know their biggest hit "New Orleans Is Sinking;" but since.... well.... THAT actually happened - I feel rather bad playing the song now.

One of my personal favourites - that you can read about here - (and the fact that this Ontario region is some incredibly gorgeous landscapes!):   Bobcaygeon

Bobcaygeon Locks

While this Kingston band (LOVED THEM!!!) may not be as familiar to you, the lead singer - Hugh Dillon - might be; as he has gone on to be a popular actor.   Most notable in the cop drama Flashpoint.

The Headstones

Now, for a slightly different sound, you probably would not expect out of a small town in Ontario:  The Abrams Brothers and their distinct "newgrass" sound.    (blend of folk, rock, country and bluegrass)

I love their sound - because it is different.

This next band, you really have to see Live to really appreciate.
They are pure comedy and music all in one.

The Arrogant Worms are definitely not everyone's cup of tea.
but the Riverdance will get you in the end!

Finally, I feel quite confident that this guy..... needs no introduction.
God Bless him for bringing the Blues Festival to Kingston each summer..... and for that pint of beer in that dive bar, once upon a time, long ago.

Despite the song title, Elwood Blues has been a long time Kingston resident.
And remains, IMHO, one of the funniest men alive.

And if you happen to live in Kingston, you get magical music moments like this - where Dan jumps onstage to wail on the harmonica for The Tragically Hip finale:

 Or, at the local pub with David Wilcox:

Is it any wonder this music fan misses home?

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