I hope everyone is recovered from yesterday's steamed up coffee chat!

I appreciate everyone who participated in the chat, as it was of a most personal nature.
Thanks so much for sharing of your hearts.   

And not giving me a lecture for my sexy gifs. 
Please know, I choose those particular ones because what makes those men sexy -- is that they clearly do not take themselves too serious.   They can laugh at themselves.   They just also happen to be very easy on the eyes ;)

Also, my laptop has returned in perfect working order.
A little late to have time to download pictures from my Canon, however:  a perfect opportunity for a cell phone dump.

This treat only exists as an image now --- special thanks shout out to McGuffy Ann for the lovely birthday present.   I ate it so quick, I actually forgot that I had taken a picture of it!

Speaking of treats, I suspect that is exactly what this big feller was looking for on our back deck.

Yep, that's the stainless steel container I keep our compost scraps in before I take them to the compost bin.    Left Brain had to go outside and chase him away.   He wouldn't budge.    Theivin' bugger.

Finally, my zen:  my garden.

Peony Proud
And I brought a little bit indoors to enjoy too


Curious as a Cathy

Wordless Wednesday @ ImagesByCW
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