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I've noticed that there has been a bit of man-hating going on in the inter webs ever since the Santa Barbara massacre.    While it's true that it appears misogyny is alive and well.....and deadly;  it is also obviously true that not All Men are like that.

Note to Men:  that does not excuse you from this fight.
Um, a little help would be nice.    Be.Our.Hero.

I mean, can't we all just get along?

Thus, since you all know how much I like heroes, I thought I would share with you how it is I know I have one of the good guys.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, June 3/14
 How to woo you?    
What special things does your partner do to flirt, or romance you?

Left Brain is a foodie.
I know this because whenever I am in the kitchen making food...... he grabs my butt.
Or fondles ... something.   Not of vegetable or fruit variety. 
I don't quite know the scientific data on the subject, but it seems to prove with absolute certainty to me, that the way to a mans' heart --- is the stomach.

But Left Brain is definitely of the more sensitive persuasion of males too.
If you need proof, just put on The Green Mile, or, Saving Private Ryan and have a box of tissues handy.  
And since Left Brain is over 6 feet and has arms rather like this guy:

That's a pretty rare combination:   strong and sweet

Oh, and he also lets me have my little fangirl obsessions; which is also very rare and cool.
(see ladies, you do know men think about sex, like a kabillion times per day, right?   And they also always want sex like ....almost as much, so...... a smart man might conclude:   maybe let your wife have her fun too.   And just maybe she'll bring some of that fun on home to you.   Fair?  Methinkso.)

Also being over 6 feet tall and since I am only just over 5 foot 4...?
The way to my heart is definitely to get things up high that I cannot reach.

how in the hell?   KIDS!!!
 I have mentioned before that I often have coffee delivered bedside on weekends he is home.    And I cannot tell you how special a task that is he performs.    But this weekend he also fetched me colder stuff.

After a very busy weekend romping around the country, I had mega laundry to do today.   Normally I would do all the kids bedding and ours, but there was just no time on the weekend.   And I tend to procrastinate because bunk bed and captain beds are a Pain in The Ass to make.

My hero to the rescue:

And yes, he even puts the stuffed animal circle of emotional bedtime support back in their spots.

See, strong.  And sweet.

That's how to woo me.  
I want you to be able to pick up heavy things, reach high things, kick some ass if necessary...... and make me tea and rub my feet while we watch a sappy movie later.

Not to much to ask, right?

Well on the surface these seem like rather silly and trivial things, and of course Left Brain does much more to woo me than I will share here.   His role as husband, father and head of our house is  complicated (and quite possibly outdated one to many) and heavy laden with responsibility.

That's why he needs those arms.
And perhaps why I like them.
Sorry modern ladies:  this gal does like to feel safe and protected.

But I never, ever forget that a man who knows how to SERVE his lady..... is worth more than his weight in gold.    And I don't mean that in the sense "I'm the Queen"

I mean it in the sense:  I am YOUR Queen. 

What's the way to your heart?

Next Week:  Finish the following:    You know a book is really good when _________

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