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So last week, I got you all steamed up - hopefully.
And hopefully you all have a very good week and weekend as a result.

This week we are going to back on up and talk about what makes us say...

"Um, No... Just No."

Tuesday, June 24/14

Turn Offs.  What makes you go "eeeewwww."

Tuesday, June 24/14

Turn Offs.  What makes you go "eeeewwww."
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Here is my list:

1.    Thigh gap obsession.    Really?    Is this required?    Like, I don't have to be freakishly slim in the first place, but heaven forbid the tops of my thighs should actually touch?

That's sufficient reason for you to be turned off by my hideous physicality?

2.  Stupidity (which could also apply to above).   Meaning, if someone dumbs themselves down to get the guy/fit in/be popular/just be a jerk:   stop it.   It does not make for good conversation, and people who don't converse well with others:  Turn Off.    Plus, not only are you turning me off:  it makes me kinda sad.

Now, if you were just born actually stupid and can't help.
Well then I am sorry...... also, still sad.

3.   Noisy eaters.  *looking at you Left Brain*   Oh my gawd!!   This is a big one for me.   Table manners are essential --- yes, even if you are not actually sitting eating at a table.    Munchers, smackers, open mouth talkers:  ewww. eewww.  eewww.      I've not gone on second dates with some pretty cute guys, just because they had terrible table manners.      And I'm not talking they used the wrong fork, no.... this >

Please, I beg of you:  some  basic manners and decorum!

4.  Racism/Bigotry/Intolerance:   Nothing will set my heels racing away from you quicker.   I don't believe such a hateful, fearful thing as racism is something we are born to.   It is something that IS learned behaviour.    Shame.  Those are parents I will judge.

And no, it's NOT "just a joke" and I will not relax.    That's a human being you're talking about and they absolutely have feelings, despite your narrow personal view of them.    They have just as much right to be here in this world - enjoying all the joys, privileges and rights that you do.

The idea that someone's personal liberty and pursuit of happiness should be restricted based solely on their race, religion, sexual orientation, age.... whatever your particular "poison" may be:  it's absolutely crazy, stupid.     I can only imagine how embarrassed AND stupid many people will feel 40 years from now when they look back on this time in history and realize.

To be clear:  you ARE entitled to your personal opinions, beliefs, and values.
What you are not entitled to do is tell everyone else what THEIRS should be, and then treat them like  second class citizens when they don't set aside everything that makes them who they are ---- just so they can be You.   And thus accepted?   Loved?

One World People!
One Love

That's something that definitely makes me want to get together and feel alright.

Time out for Mom

NEXT WEEK:   There is NO NEXT WEEK.   See you back in September everyone.     And a big thank you to everyone has chatted this past year!   You Are Awesome!

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