It's been raining for about 4 days.
And it's a cold rain.

I am buried in laundry.

Zoo Zoo is back to waking me up a kabillion times in the night.

I feel bloated.
Also, there's too much bread in this house.  

I dropped my laptop.

It has a boo-boo and will be in the shop for a few days. This will put me behind on reading blog posts. Again.   And I cannot download pictures off my camera for Wordless Wednesday.   *Gasp*  I don't have ANY pics at all!

Stewie is me.

I'm a little stressed out because the kids will be out of school in a couple of weeks, we have our camping trip, and my parents are in the midst of the big decision to possibly relocate to our town.

All of this?

Does not lead to this:

Tuesday, June 17/14

What  makes you feel the most confident/attractive/sexy?
- See more at:
Tuesday, June 17/14

What  makes you feel the most confident/attractive/sexy?
- See more at:
Tuesday, June 17/14

What  makes you feel the most confident/attractive/sexy?

*I have truly tried to make this post as tame as possible -- despite the fact that I am talking about Sex.
If half naked men and sexy thoughts offend you -- you might want to skip this chat.   And please always, always know:  I love my Left Brain - he is MY captain, and my life.  But a little tongue in cheek fun never hurt anyone.  Least likely a confident man who knows his wife desires him.*

Left Brain and I have been talking about this very subject lately.
I think if we were all honest ladies, we could admit that when we don't feel attractive/sexy/confident; we are not likely to portray that externally.     Which in turn does not lead to wanting to act out any sexy thoughts or feelings either.

Conditions often have to be Just.So.
Am I right ladies?
Not always, but more so then men.

Men just need a location.

So I asked hubby if they really thought about sex so often during the day. (yes, they do.)   If he really desired me even though I do not look like the latest cover girl of Maxim magazine.  (yes, he does.) Or, how he didn't let the fact that he doesn't quite look like this  -- stop his sexy vibe:
Oh Oh Oh Captain My Captain!
or that he doesn't sound like this:

These two: just give them the phone book.   Good lawd.

Or whether he could actually get with that sexy girl on the cover, or in the movie.

They Don't Care.
The Think It.    They Do it.   Whenever.
Death Bed?
Still Game!

How is that possible?

Well, I came to the conclusion that it is simple because They Allow Themselves To!
They don't feel guilty, or dirty, or lazy, or like a bad, bad boy for thinking about sex  2, 917 times per day.
Before noon.

They don't feel shame for noticing that sexy woman that passes by.
(I mean respectfully -- let's leave the drooling, whistling asshats out of this particular conversation.)

A man doesn't feel bad that he was too busy Getting Busy -- to get all that laundry done.

Hey, he may not get ANY tomorrow -- so you just gotta take it when it comes.  *ahem*

But me?
No, I keep thinking of all I have to do.
Of the last 20 pounds.
My hair isn't washed.
Good girls don't think those thoughts at 10:30 am.
Or on Sundays.
Or, hey -- I'm trying to peel potatoes here Mr Randy.

And that's just stupid.

I feel I am a strong, smart, sassy and sexy woman.... so why is sex at the bottom of the task list?
I know how this is done!

Why can't I think about sex at least..... oooohhhh say 500 times per day?
(honestly, could we ever think about as much as they do?!)
Would that be wrong?

See, I think some of us have been conditioned to NOT think about it.    Or, at least to turn it off for a more "acceptable" time and place.   For whatever social, religious or moral reason.  So when we see something like this and get a little worked up:
Hugh Jackman getting wet.   You're welcome.
... maybe we feel bad for enjoying it.
Just.Stop with all your male hotness!
Because I feel funny.    Also, tingly.
And that's not My husband.

But it's not about actually wanting some hot celebrity (unless you do want to tell me who your Freebie 5 candidates are, in which case I will happily compare notes!) .... they are just the fuel for the fire.

Helping your board that train to Sexyville.
I mean, it's tempting, for sure.....because reasons!

(Seriously, Chris Evans is a Dorito.    He's got the the waist of a frickin Disney Princess!
How can you not appreciate this and just want to get Your Love On with your man?  Men are beautiful.)

Everyone has their own idea of what is Sexy.   It's very personal.
Strong is sexy.  Sensitive is Sexy.   Smart is Sexy.   Funny is very Sexy.
And both male and female have all those qualities.

Your mate doesn't have to look perfect.   YOU don't have to look perfect.   Life doesn't have to be perfect.   The housework can wait and the stars don't have to align.    The truth of the matter I've discovered: the more you think, the more you want, the more you want, the more you do, the more you do.....

Lather.Rinse. Repeat.

The proof is in the pudding.
After I discussed this post with Left Brain --- he put the kids on the bus, and called in sick to work.

Seems he had a fever.
And I hate peeling potatoes anyway.

Next Week: Turn Offs.  What makes you go "eeeewwww."    Also:  NOTE that this will be the last chat before I take time off for the summer months.   I'll return in September!

Time out for Mom

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