It's Pondering Day!

 Also, grocery day.... which immediately made me think of this:

 Seriously, you cannot possibly think that I mean anything I utter while in the state of "hangry."

Adj. Being simultaneously hungry and angry. 
Often the latter because of the former. 
Having one's hunger extended, unnecessarily so as to create anger.
When I am hangry, it's a whole other level of Mean Girl.
Let Me Tell You.
Better yet:  let's not waste time on words we don't really mean:  just feed the beast.

File under Unintentional Self Promotion:

 I didn't mean to upload a selfie on my Instagram.    I'm normally very careful about putting such things out there.    Because, people can be mean.
But many have actually asked me  "what the hell do you look like anyway?"

Whaddayameanwhat do I look like?
There's a picture right there in my About the Author box!

Oh, you meant -- with less cleavage?

For the record though.... I do thing a rock some pretty mean cleavage.

But some people do think it is quite mean of me, as a married woman, to go into Full On Fangirl Mode.

I'm having a Chrisis!
I'm Hooked!
Wait.... THAT's Pondering!!

Um, yeah.
I think we can all agree:  I totally meant to do that.

I'm so very sorry.
Try not to judge me too harshly.

It can be so hard to find the baseline of appropriateness in any given variable....

... especially when you're so hungry.

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Today's Prompt:  Mean

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