man of my heart
love of my life
father of my children
Guardian and servant of a city
A Godly man in a ungodly world
And you ask me how I do it all? 

sharing laughs
sharing life
sharing parenthood
sharing love
shouldering burdens
this is what true strength looks like 

feeling blessed
feeling cared for
feeling loved
feeling safe
I cannot speak only of a mother's love; for fathers are unnoticed, unpraised, and under valued enough today.
I see you.

through the tears
and through the fears
spilt milk and Lego minefields
you're there for at all
the giving of your Time; is a great inheritance 

 It's easy for children to have a father.   It's so much harder to be a real father to your children. And every day, as a working father, you show that this also means you Have To Work at being a Father.

I know it means even more man-hours in an already busy day; but it's good work.  Most men, no matter the childhood you experience, can learn how to be a good dad.  The most important part of that -- the best gift you give us; is that you want to be.

Thank you for not just talking the talk -- but also walking the walk.
Every. Day.
There are many things that bring me joy: as a woman, as a wife and as a mom.  So much I strive towards to being the best I can be in all those roles.

And yet... the really best part of my day, is when our children run to the door yelling "Daddy!! Daddy's home."

 "A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty." 

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Leslie Botchar, aka "RoryBore", is a SAHM enjoying life one day - and one cup of coffee - at at time.
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