I believe this is the second weekend in a row where I have shut down my computer on Friday morning, and not started it up again until some time Sunday.   

This could become a habit.

Now some of you are saying "well done mom!   Unplug and tune into life!
And you would be right.

Others of you are off shaking and mumbling in the corner with some of your children's stuffed animals arranged around you in circle of emotional support.
You would also be right.

You see, Life Is Beautiful.   And you just have to get out there and live it.   Find your happy.   Find your zen.    And clearly, I have this.

But my blog, is also my happy place.    I miss it when I am not here.   I miss You.   Sharing.  And when I write, something different in me comes alive.

No, No, No... we are not going to use that "B" word.  

Suffice to say, that whether here, or not, or anything in between;  I am doing a lot of living, laughing and loving.   Noticing Beauty.  
And at the end of the day; everything always manages to be Awesome.

Pics or it didn't happen?
No problem.

You may sense a theme. 

country sunset #1 - Friday night party

Bonfire #1 - Friday night
We also enjoyed Banana Boats on those glowing flames.
Also, OMG --   you must try.

Ever been to a party in the country?
We do things up right.
First, lock the kids in the barn so you can party undisturbed.

I jest.
Seriously, they loved it up there.   We couldn't keep them away from the open window of death.

There was a chip truck that served all the yummy BBQ goodness.   And ice cream.
I didn't take a picture because of course:  my hands were full.
Plus, all these pictures are taken with my iPhone.
because let's just be honest:   I cannot hold both my beer and my fancy camera.
That's not gonna to end well.

Thankfully Nature was making capturing beauty quite easy for me.

country sunsets really are Awesome
One of the advantages of country parties is that you have no close neighbours
Which on a hot spring night where the adults have been drinking since noon the skies are clear; means fireworks!!

Yes, dude was a little close in that second image.
He's fine.... thankfully there was a cooler filled with ice nearby.

Of course with about 15 children running around approximately 9 acres of farm land and woods, at night, we had to make sure we didn't lose any of them.

Glow bracelets  - Safety First!
 But when you just want some quiet at the end of the day.

Country bonfires bring all the children to the yard.

Just look at my poor beer getting all cozy and warm by the fire.
Not. Awesome.

Thankfully, nearby there was a cooler filled with ice.....

Everywhere.  Themes.

How's your awesome lately?

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