I am thinking of strawberries.

Soon:  backyard wild strawberries
 Also, wine.


  Also, a little something something still lingers from the sexy coffee chat earlier this week.

 So..... of course, I must write poetry.

This Kiss

a hot summer night wind

and the taste of strawberry wine on your lips

feather soft and barely met

mingled with salty sweat of your skin

it does not quench my thirst

I need more than a nibble, a suck…

this sampled potion has left me wanting

gotten beneath my skin

burning like fire in the blood

sighing a breathless plea

for more of you, in me

a deep, deep drought

till I can no longer stand

and knees gone weak

I sink

down to sweet rapture

haunted by the lingering taste

of strawberry wine.

Um yeah.
I just really really love strawberry wine.

Feeling Beachie

*Hilary could really use some statements!   There is no co-host this week.

1.   I feel sexy and I know it.    And I show it.   'cause I'm a poet.

Someone get over here and take this wine away.

2.  Once I used to be shy now I think we can all agree that is a thing of the past.
Thank you Grade 9 drama teacher. 

3.  There is a fine line between being a fan of something and being a completed obsessed fanatic.

If you've received a restraining order, you might want to rethink your dedication to your "hobbies."

4.  Did you ever try to squeeze into a small place?    Hmmm Lucy?

small box cat is not impressed with your small box
We're gonna need a bigger box.

Of wine.
I find my restraint waning.

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