Good Morning and welcome to the Coffee Chat!!

As I was writing this late Monday, the evening sun was finally making an appearance.
Thus, I am hoping when I awake today, we will finally have a gorgeous sunny day.
 If not, I got a new mug to show my displeasure with Mother Nature:

It's my early Mother's Day/Birthday gift to myself.
My kids wanted me to buy it -- and then say it was from them.

It's the thought that counts - right?

Time out for Mom

So at the end of last weeks' chat, I gave you the preview to today's chat topic.
If you noticed, it wasn't very clear:

You are in a cabin and it is pitch black. You have one match on you. Which do you light first, the newspaper, the lamp, the candle or the fire?

Obviously a riddle.
Do you know the answer?

The first thing to do is...

This image riddle is a bit easier:
answer: a map    / riddle from Daily Brain Teaser. Image from Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL.

 Did you get it?
The clues are actually written on the answer.

I used to love doing these kinds of Word Puzzles:
(no peeking at answers given below!!)

Answers from top left:  search high and low; touch down; wise guys; just between you and me; big fish in little pond; long under wear; neon lights; sand box; reading between the lines

I love to keep my mind challenged in more ways than just how Dora is going to get to the top of Star Mountain.     And the complexities of Minecraft just don't translate to the is outdoor girl who grew up playing on a farm.

And sometimes mom just needs a break from the most often played game in the house:

That Doesn't Go There

Just.... What?

What kind of brain teasers, riddles, or word games do you enjoy? 
Let's see if you can you stump me.

Next Week:   It's My Birthday!   Let's have a Party!   But there are some rules regarding what you should bring.   I am going to bring Licorice and Beer.    My good friend Aurora Goldenhair is going to bring some Apple Slices and Gouda cheese.    What will you bring?  (if you can figure out the rules, you can come to the party!)   Just kidding!  Everyone of course can come.... or, where would you take me?

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