Good morning and welcome to the Coffee Chat!

I'm going to get right to the point today because I am battling a cold (again) these days, as well as some difficult thoughts.
I find myself asking "when did everything get so hard? and...noisy?" a lot these days.

Where did my happy thought go? 

J Eastman, American Painter - "In the Hayloft"

Through all the pleasant meadow-side
The grass grew shoulder-high,
Till the shining scythes went far and wide
And cut it down to dry.

Those green and sweetly smelling crops
They led the waggons home;
And they piled them here in mountain tops
For mountaineers to roam.

Here is Mount Clear, Mount Rusty-Nail,
Mount Eagle and Mount High;--
The mice that in these mountains dwell,
No happier are than I!

Oh, what a joy to clamber there,
Oh, what a place for play,
With the sweet, the dim, the dusty air,
The happy hills of hay! 
- Robert Louis Stevenson, "The Hayloft"

Time out for Mom

If you could go back to your childhood, what thing would 
you do right now that you have missed as an adult?
My cousins and I could spend hours of hot summer day fun up in that dusty, sun filtered hayloft on my grandparents farm.   We had a swing and there was no bigger thrill than flying out the big wide open side doors into the sunlight.  Watching sunbeams and pigeons scatter as you sailed on by.

Carefree.  Never Ending Summer Days.
Wouldn't we all want that if we could?
Sitting in those big open doors with the sticky sweetness of a Popsicle running down your arm, as the sun set low beyond the fields.   Horse silhouetted in the fields; their tails flicking shadows.

You see, it's not just about the fun.   The carefree.   The No Responsibilities.   
It's about the quietness of youth too.  
I'm not talking about kids being quiet -- I'm talking about brain quiet
That ability to lay head upon pillow at the end of a busy day, arms rested above your head, and enter easily into Dreamland.    A soft sigh escapes into gentle slumbering breaths.
As adults, that becomes so elusive now.
The world has become so complicated, so dangerous.

I got a lot of Brain Noise right now folks.
I need to shut it off.
Just......  Ssssshhhh.

I feel so tired, even though I spent most of the day in bed.    Where sleep won't come.
But I've been thinking more and more....  it's my mind that needs a good nap.

So I can get back to remembering that No... it is not all Madness.
We are all not just.... Adrift.  
I do not have to listen to the noises.    Apply Filter.

There is beauty.    Notice it.    Ssssshhhhh.
There is Joy.   Embrace it.    Just....ssshhhhh.

And if you can be so lucky, there might be time for swinging in the sunshine.

Next Week:  How to woo you?  What special things does your partner do to flirt, or romance you? 
OR, what would you wish they would do?

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