Good Morning and welcome to the Chat.
It is likely to be a double espresso in my cup this morning, as it is currently after midnight that I am writing this.

Morning is going to hurt.
Thankfully with the kids returning to school, I have a whole day to play catch up.
 Monday was a holiday for us here in Canada.     What is  known as Victoria Day.   
Yes - that means we Canada, an independent Nation, celebrates the birthday of the Queen.  

Obviously the holiday commenced prior to Confederation, but since we are truly such nice people, we still celebrate our  the reigning Monarch on the first Monday prior to May 25th. 

Or, perhaps it is just that we Canadians love any excuse to party; hence the day also being more locally known as the May Long Weekend, or May 2-4
24 beers - coincidence?   I think not.
 Basically, it's just a sign to Canadians that YES - Winter is in fact over and the summer, or cottage season will soon be upon us!   Thus, this will be the first weekend many people open their cottages, and go RV camping for the first time.

Or, in our case:  buy a new tent.
Coleman Phoenix 10 person tent with 2 room dividers

Yes, it's huge.
But more to the point:  it can create 3 separate rooms, all of which will hold a queen size mattress.
Thus, Monkey Boy will have one side,  us the middle, and the 2 girls on the other side.

And we put it up in 30 minutes.
And took it down in 10 minutes soon after when the rain clouds suddenly came rolling in.

Also, that basically sums up every camping trip we've ever taken.

Now, if money was no option:  on this holiday weekend, we'd probably be one of those cottage or RV type people.
Money is always an option.   The above tent was on sale.

Which still meant Left Brain worked this holiday Monday, and I was home with the kids.
No vacation dreams for us.   

Ask me if I care?
Monkey Boy and I ate Pop Tarts and viewed the Marvel/Avengers tag on my Tumblr feed.
The girls played outside.   We planted flowers.   They played British Bulldog on the front lawn - in honour of the Queen.   (I'm sure she would have appreciated it.)

I taught them how to dribble a basketball.     

When Left Brain returned home, we were off to friends house for a BBQ.
They have 4 kids all around the same ages as our 3 -- and they all just played outside:  on the trampoline, catching frogs, rainbow looming, Lego-ing,  and running remote control cars over the yard.

We ate homemade brownies and Smarties ice cream out of martini glasses people!!

At some point, Monkey Boy discovered the Secret to Life:

MB:  Mom, I noticed today that whenever there are weekends or holidays, the day goes by so fast!   But during the week..... at school..... the day just takes forever.    It's soooo long.     Why can't the fun days last?

Me:  Well, what does that tell you about life then?

MB:  I should enjoy it!   Before I have to clean my room.... or worse, go to school!   

Kids a genius I do believe.

And that is why we won't worry about where we could be, or what else we could be doing ...... should money be no option.

We will just linger in the moments given to us for as long as we can.

Time out for Mom

Where would you go if you had a 3 day weekend vacation 
--  and money was no option?

Next Week:   If you could go back to your childhood, what thing would you do right now that you have missed as an adult?

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