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 Through The Lens Thursday is a self-improvement photography project that Alison of Writing, Wishing and Greta from GFunkified are doing this year. 

Through The Lens Thursday is meant for self-improvement, so please….constructive criticism is welcome!

This weeks' prompt is Empty.

As we have been under storm clouds and high humidity the past couple of days, I did not get to venture out with my camera.   Because......eewww -- with the sticky and all.

Fortunately, as I was glancing around my house I saw quite a few empty things.

My fridge comes to mind first, since grocery day is tomorrow.   But that's just sad and who wants to see a sad photo on Thursday.

As the kids were at school, their beds were also empty.   But to show you that, I'd have to show you their rooms.
Or what I call "the dumping ground".
Trust, no one wants to see that.

Finally, as I had company this past weekend for Mother's Day and my birthday, well..... let's just say I have a few empty bottles lying around waiting for recycling day.
However, I fear that might leave with you with the wrong impression of me.
(Not really.)

As I was trying to figure out what I could shoot, stuck inside as I was --- and getting down to the wire as late as Wednesday evening -- the phone rang.    It was my mom to tell me to go outside and look at the moon.   With my camera.
As I always listen to  my mother (not really), I dashed outside to find a glowing orange moon with a ring around it coming right up over my fence!   Wow.    Incredible.

However, that would be a FULL moon.    Hence, not Empty
So, you will have to wait for another post to see that pic.

The short of it?
I happened to glance down and notice that a piece of my lawn furniture was cast in shadows.

Also, empty.

Now, technically, this is not a very good picture.
It's night, there's a storm coming in -- I can now hear the thunder, and flashes of lightning are coming more frequently.  (no such luck getting that shot.)
I also don't have my tripod -- which is essential for shooting in low light - thus I know the image is going to be grainy/blurry.
However, I want to create a somewhat "I just woke up and stumbled into the dark" kind of feeling; thus, I am hoping I can work with it.

Not entirely happy.
Still, better than messy rooms and various liquor bottles.

Some days, you're just running on empty.   Know what I mean?
Now, if I had a non-empty bottle of something, I believe I could fill that chair quite nicely.

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Next week’s prompt is STREET.

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