I've kinda got a new obsession.

 I mean, besides all my other fangirl obsessions and this movie in particular:

Yeah Winter Soldier, that knife flip is pretty darn cool.... but I still think you are no Match for Captain America.

I mean seriously -  just look a this move:



Now, I know you are all in SMH mode over Rory's little SuperHero Love Affairs, but a little background on the matter.

I grew up without a father.    So when my mom married in my mid 20s, I suddenly had a step father.
Naturally, I wanted to experience some father-daughter bonding, but:  I'm like 25 years old now.     And he's in his 50s.    So, exactly how does that "bonding" happen?   What common interest do we find.
(hockey doesn't count, it's Canada - hockey is a given.   But I did decide to still love him when he wears anything Toronto Maple Leaf.   I won't say it was easy.)

So Enter Jackie Chan.
That's not a typo.

You see besides early morning fishing expeditions with scotch and brandy cigars (another good match, but that's another story entirely), we discovered we shared this love of Action movies.   Naturally I already knew the modern ones, but he introduced me to Bruce Lee, Jean Claude Van Damme, and of course, Chuck Norris.      We admire their physical abilities.   The dance like moves of a perfectly choreographed fight scene.
The utter unimaginable skill of these professionals.
So no....it's not just about Captain America's abs or Hawkeyes' arms.

It's about the skill and technical ability to make these scenes come to life too.
It's about sitting in the dark theatre The First Time Ever With a Dad -- and watching some thrilling scenes unfold.   Debating who would win a match between Chan and Segal.  

Turns out, some things are better late than never:   Step Dad and I were a good Match.
So now you know.

But back to my new obsession.    Have you heard of 2048?
Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!

A Matching Game!


No, not this one.    Although it was great too.

Of course, given my fangirl nature, I had to create my very own version of this addictive matching skill tester.

If you want to play my little match game with Earth's Mightiest Heroes ... following the link:


And if you are so lucky as to get to the winner tile, you will see that for this hero, a match is not required to heat things up.


Game on Readers.

 photo image13_zps64a48e1e.png

Brenda's prompt today:   Match

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