Today was a day out of the house for me, thus I am a little late to the party.

But I promise, as I was sipping Chai Latte in Starbucks and perusing the book, truffles, and candle lined shelves of Chapters... ... I was Pondering.

"Great!  I get the one toilet that won't flush!

Okay, maybe that thought was not worth sharing.
(although handy tip: lift the lid and wiggle the cord)

Yet; not the One Book I was looking for.

Then I left my coat in my friends car.

I also have a meeting that I need to get to  - like now.   And Left Brain locked the keys in the van (a most UnLeft Brain'd thing to do!)

And now instead of preparing for my meeting, I have to get dinner for the Minions.

And later, after dinner, after meeting --  clean my house for company tomorrow.

Thus, I find the amount of time I have available for writing today; Seriously Shrinking.
It is days like this, I would rather just Withdraw and lose myself in a good book.
Assuming I could find it. 

Sometimes, I feel like all the things I have to do in a day, represent a vast ocean of space.   And I?
I am a tiny island that dwindles ever smaller, till I am balancing on one foot to avoid getting my toes wet.    Or sinking. 

Monkey Boy thought this cartoon was appropriate:
Yes, when you live with 3 Minions, life can generally Reduce quite quickly into the comical diversions of one blue hedgehog and Shrink Ray Guns.

My day that started out with a leisurely cup of coffee and nice drive with a friend, quickly Declined into one of those ones where everything goes wrong.
And you cannot do anything about it -- you are at the mercy of others Day Gone Wrong.

Truth be told, I hate to be rushed.  I tend to Decrease my pace in direct relation to any mounting stress in my life.    Never Hurry; Never Worry.

If you try to hurry me along, or worse; throw me off course... might want to Retreat and find yourself an island.  Fast.

But you know this gal is not gonna shrink back in Fear.
No quaking or quailing allowed here.

It's in the midst of these days, that Faith grows bigger than tiny toilets, missing books, and lost keys.
Though the ocean be vast;  I just keep swimming.

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Brenda's Pondering Prompt today:   Shrink

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