I love words.
Not a surprising thing for a writer to say.

Yes, I just called myself a writer.
Which is surprising giving the number of photos I have been posting lately.

 Speaking of which:

 A recent trip to my Mother in Laws country home, saw me captivated with this view.
The kids were more engrossed in playing on the tire swing.
And catching actual frogs in the pond.

You know, Soaking Up all the fun.

But I was preoccupied with trying to get this view just right.

Although, it was tempting to engage in some good old fashioned tire swing spins too.

The kids were working up a sweat.
I was working up a sweat.

You might say we are all Absorbed in our work.

Which, if you are doing it right, looks a lot like play.

Take it in, Soak it Up!
Absorb your view:  whatever it is.

 photo image13_zps64a48e1e.png

Brenda's Pondering Prompt this week:  Absorb

If you are interested, this is the photo I uploaded to the Through the Lens Thursday Flickr Group.

Alison and Greta's prompt this week:  3 Things

3 crows at the very top of a very tall tree:  thank you zoom lens

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