I hope everyone has had a lovely and relaxing Sunday.

We've been under rain clouds for most of the weekend, but the sun finally come out at the end of the day.
because of course.

I thought I would pop in quick and share a super easy craft that we did today, that would make a perfect Mother's Day Gift.

DIY Floral Pens
These are so super easy to make, even my 4 year old can do it.
And they are definitely super pretty too.

All you need for this project:

pens, floral tape, and some fake flowers

I spent about $30.00 for this craft --- but I needed enough supplies to make at least 25 pens, as I did this craft with my Sunday School class as well.    The pens were on sale for about $2, and the sprigs of flowers were only $1 each at Walmart.   The most expensive thing was the floral tape, but I got a pack of 3 for just over $5.00    So, if you just wanted a couple of flowers pens, you could easily do it for under $10.00 total.

All you have to do is place the stem of the flower against the side of the pen, and wind the floral tape from top to bottom - on the diagonal and pinching it close as you go.   The floral tape is self adhesive, so you don't have to worry about any messy glue, and it makes it easy to change when the pen is eventually dry.
After you have completed your DIY flower pen, you can gift it just as a pen; or, use several together to form a whole Pen Bouquet; or even stick some in a clay pot that serves as a Vase/pen holder.

We used it in a special card for Mommy, as I found on this tutorial at East Coast Mommy


If you did not want to make pens, you can also attach the flowers to Popsicle sticks and make a nice display in any flower pot.    Or a single big bloom - like a Gerbera daisy - in a small mason jar filled with glass rocks and/or pebbles. 

Another really cool option, is to use a daisy flower, but take the centre spot out and place a tiny picture instead.

I love this craft because it is so versatile, and the floral tape is so easy to work with.
You can attach any two items together in mere minutes.

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