My mom and dad are visiting this special weekend!

You know someone has to watch the kids while I sleep in, lounge about, work in the garden, and daydream about Captain America after seeing The Winter's Solider on our Friday date night.

Hey; if you can't Fangirl on what is Mother's Day AND your birthday weekend -- when the heck can you?

So dear readers I will be enjoying the fun, sun and love that surrounds me.
I hope you have overflowing, heaping amounts of the same.

And if you should find a few spare minutes to yourself, and want to join some fun,  I am normally over at the lovely Hilary's beach-side hop.   Say hello if you stop by!

And you might want to show someone all those wonderful books she's showcasing on sale.
One, or two, or three might make a really fantastic Mother's Day gift.
Just sayin.

You know, to anyone who might be reading.
Over my LEFT brain shoulder.  

See ya Tuesday y'all.
You are coming to my party, right?
I had said I was bringing Licorice and Beer, and I totally will, but perhaps that is not quite nutritional value approved, so I will have some yummy home-made Lasagna and Buns

If you play by the rules, you can come too!
(just kidding, I never turn away free gifts or food.)

Feeling Beachie

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