It's a holiday Monday morning for my American readers.
A time to reflect and remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our Freedom.

I want to join with my Southern Neighbours this day - in solidarity.   As friend and ally.
Sharing my thanks and gratitude.

Yet, those feelings have been marked by another act of violence.
My heart goes out to the victims/families of the Santa Barbara shootings. 
We are shattered by the realization that in world so engrossed and engorged by Entitlement: we still are not quite Free.
And Misogyny kills.

I don't normally speak about such current events, especially violence; except I have a little something I can share.
I will stand today.
And bear witness to show how the effects of rage and violence; can linger a lifetime.

He Lingers

I still remember the crack of his palm
the sharp sting upon my cheek
and the ringing in my ears
as my confused mind thought
"who could be calling now?"
the blow was so quick, so hard…so…what?
I spun in the chair
(a thing that I had often done for fun…
a few whirls to add to the dizzy state
some crazy fate
until it tipped and I fell to the floor.
Who is yelling?
why…why…with all the yelling, I think
or try… to … just grab something
as I am dragged from this new seat
in a vise like grip, cruel pinches after the punch
knees dragging on the stinking carpet
and why…why does my hair hurt?
till the second strike reminds me
that lips can be bruised as easily
by a closed fist
as by a night of fever’d kissing
but his handsome face now gone
darkness clouds his eyes
and malice marks his words
liar.  bitch.  whore
who?  me?
think, think: why is he here?
I told him I was busy tonight…and
they are just my friends
my mind screams “tell him!” 
but the words I spit out in
blood froth’d fear
are a feeble toned….
I’m sorry....

I should not have let those boys come in.

More than 20 years later, this moment ...this fear can still rise up and threaten to choke me.
If you've never faced the monster that wants to make you his own: you can never know.
If you've never stood your ground against pure, blinding rage; you can't understand the power.
The utter Force upon your will.
The white hot intent to strip you down, lay you bare, and make you suffer.
You don't know the fear of doors being pounded in the dark of night because the apology Will Not Wait.
And how dare you?!

This is how you break another human being.
And once you've known - you can never forget.
Even if you go on to Live, Laugh, Love.

It will always linger.   In the shadows, even as you dance in the light.

This is why hatred, objectification, and violence against women must be stopped.
Because why?   Why do you want to break us?

I'm sorry to be a downer on a holiday.    But...
This is important.

The battle is not always fought on foreign soil.
All too often, it's fought very close to home.

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