It's raining so hard 
Brings back memories
Of the times 
When you were Here with me....
- Irma Thomas, "It's Raining"  (to hear this fantastic song - go here)

 rain drops on my window pane,
I dreamt of you again.
Cloudy skies are my only view,
blurring memories of you
if the sun, should choose to shine
and thaw this heart of mine
like a bloom that seeks its rays
once more I'll sing of sunny days.
(I said that)


 Clearly, it's raining.

I have not felt much like blogging this week.
Although I have done a ton of Blog Reading.
I have concluded that I am the very image personified of "pathetic fallacy".
The gloomy weather has definitely invaded my mood .... as well as my energy level.

I swear if I don't get some sunshine soon, I am in danger of macraméing my ass into the couch during repeated Marvel movie marathons.

Come on brain!  

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

1.  I wish the days would always stay sunny, dry and warm.    I feel that one was a no brainer.

2.  You’ll need ear plugs of steel when you hear my girls sing their Disney song medley

I have spared you the video evidence.
You're welcome.

3.  If I go to a restaurant it must have .... Um, gonna have to go with Food on this one.
Although, if you do set out some nacho chips and dip and have super sized Margarita's, you will pretty much guarantee a return visit from me.

4. My must have holiday baking treat is shortbread cookies.   And my birthdays don't feel complete without my mom's home made angel food cake, drizzled home made lemon glaze icing. 
recipe here -- I have no pics of mine - because it's All Gone.

I suddenly feel so much better.
Food porn.

Chases the clouds away.

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