I had some really great shots to share with you today.
Don't get too excited just yet.....

I will have to ignore all the hopefully fabulous shots waiting for me.  
Getting half soaked in a fine mist because for an hour as I was determined to photograph any kind of rain drop I could find.

I got lots!
Pardon, but my grammar slips when I am really excited.

But, we won't see them today because they are still on my camera.
How about a pretty dove on my roof?

 You see I got a text from Left Brain announcing he just joined the Apple family.     Since he was previously on The Crackberry, this was exciting news -- hello Mid afternoon FaceTime!

And then I took a nap, because.. you know, technology.
Then the kids came home and Monkey Boy got really excited because as soon as he stepped in the door and received the Wifi blessing: his iPod chimed .... and chimed... and chimed.

You have Messages!!

"Hey mom.....there's a text with I think a bad word.... I think...."

"You think it's a bad word?"

"well.... what's a hooker?"


It was then I then realized, IF he got that message from Left Brain (who let me just clarify, was in the process of ARRESTING a prostitute --- and NOT acquiring one).... then... that must mean he got All The Messages.

Between my husband and I.

OMG - get the iPod from child!
Which kinda looked like this:


Yeah - like that "taking candy from a baby" thing.

So, Left Brain and I had to spend quite a bit of time finding out why our son keeps getting our very clean and non trauma inducing  text messages.   Which required wiping his new iPhone several times.

If we could only do that to Monkey Boy's brain.

So, let's go over.  nope... it's been too long already.... lemme sum up:

Dear Apple, you owe me one million dollars.
But I'll settle for the iPad mini with retina display.
Also, some tech support - clearly - would be swell. 

Feeling Beachie

Come on over to Hilary's with me... I think we could all use some chillin on the beach.

The statements are:

1.   I really like to not have to see anyone  in the early a.m.    Safety first people.

2.   I wish the days would always stay warm and sunny.  

Not very Canadian of me, true.   But in my defense, I have been watching a lot of this show called "Carribean Life."      Curse you HGTV.

3.   Nature is my favorite place when I am feeling sad, disconnected, lonely, down, inspired, bored..

I like it outside, m'kay?

4.  If I hear No Les... that cannot be the reason it's not working... one more time, Imma smash a brain in the left side of the head.  

For the record, all things Right once again.

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