Nature is the best artist!

If this were an actual meeting, I'd be the one dashing in the door spilling coffee everywhere, shuffling papers that threaten to take flight as I round the table to take my seat... breathless and apologetic for being tardy.

Thankfully, I don't think our host Hilary is as strict as my former boss.

Just when I thought the days were sunny and warm; the cold has found me again.
We've had rain and storms all week, and I woke up with a cold inside too. 
my head that is.

I should have known because I have been tired and uninspired all week.
Movies have been watched.
Clothing left unfolded.
Blogging somewhat ignored.
I may do the unthinkable and just delete the reader that has been filling up all week, and start fresh next week.

My apologies -- I find my concentration is lacking lately. Perhaps it is the urge to get outside and feel a little ray of sunshine again.
I feel my writing has been rather dismal lately, and my commenting probably less than stellar as well.
A break this week may be just what the Blog Doctor ordered.   Find my inspiration again.

I am sure it's nothing a good weekend of rest won't fix.
And since I will probably be resting much --- I will finally be by to see my favourite people!

or you know, movies.
probably both.

Feeling Beachie

This week’s co-host is Eloquent obi. She came up with the last two statements!

The statements:

1.   Technology gives me much amusement.   Also, headaches.

My iPhone is not working properly; it seems to hate me.
It physically hurt to type that.

2.  I heard eating garlic prevents colds.    Or was that vampires?   

Oh well, whichever:  neither of you are invited in.

3.    I wish I could find my "get up and go".... I fear it got up and "went."

4.   My favourite  color is sunset because it makes me feel like  All Is Well That Ends Well.  

It's my happy thought.

Stay Gold y'all. 

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