You know what is great after your have ranted your negative feelings out onto the page?
I mean, besides chocolate chip cake.

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McNamara Trail, Arnprior ON
 She always soothes my soul.    Calms the savage beast within.
Even when she has laid out a 4 km (2.5 miles) snow covered trail before me, and 3 bickering children upon my heels.

You just cannot miss the beauty all around you.
And a few little beasts too.

trail entrance
do  you see what I see?

'round the bend...and surprise!  a bridge under that snow
 bird feeders
bird feeding

chipmunk too
also squirrel
most of the trail is wood bridge, so you have to be careful not to go off the side: when you can see the side

Especially don't fall off the side of this bridge:

that water may not be deep -- but it's Canadian cold

The Macnamara Nature Trail in the southeast corner of Arnprior is a window into the past and present natural world of the Lower Ottawa Valley. One of the club’s largest projects to date, its boardwalks, viewing platforms, and benches – constructed entirely by volunteers – allow visitors to explore it without disturbing its wild character.

There's lots of ugly in this world today, but there is also beauty.
Like the hand says:  Notice it.

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Curious as a Cathy


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