Spring has arrived!
 A very good earth angel friend of mine sent me an early birthday present of a new telephoto lens for  my Canon Rebel.

Thankfully, Spring arrived just in time for me to take it out for a few test shots.

Other than to point out that yes -- they are heavy on Birds - that is because it is a Zoom lens and the birds were often in the tops of the trees.    I'll let the shots do the talking this week.

(click any image to enlarge)

Bird... and Bokeh!!  finally

if you enlarge, you'll see the reflection in the rain drop

LOVE the colours in this shot:

Cones at the Top!

Thus far I have felt very much the amateur while taking pictures.    However, on this outing, armed with my new lens and a little more Instruction Booklet reading; I finally feel like I am really getting the hang of this photography thing.    As I knew how to set my camera settings, I did not have to edit this batch of photos:  they are AS IS the original shot. 
(it also helped that I learned how to convert and save them to jpg or png without losing a lot of the original image quality.)

Less editing definitely saves me time.
And you know how this mama feels about more time to do other stuff.

Like, take more pictures.

Curious as a Cathy

ImagesByCW Photography

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